Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fast 5 Travel Tips: How to completely waste your vacation time

We all agree, vacation time is precious. Here are a few ways travellers waste their vacation time. Feel free to comment and add to this list:

Nod your head if you're guilty of any of these;  then vow to change your ways!

1.  Staying in your hotel room to use the WIFI to check Facebook, replying to messages and/or anything that lures you into work or makes you lose track of time.  If you're going to spend all your vacation time in the virtual world, you may as well have just vacationed in your parents' basement.

2.  Running around trying to find the perfect souvenirs for everyone. Trinkets without memories are practically worthless. The solution is easy... don't buy souvenirs.

3.  Trying to see everything and racing through the attractions so much so that you really don't SEE or EXPERIENCE anything.

4.  Trying to replicate a travel experience from a guidebook or travel blog. Have your own authentic experience. Enjoy YOUR own moment! No one sees things or experiences it quite like you do.

5. Giving a social media play-by-play. Getting 'likes' shouldn't affect the way you enjoy or remember your vacation.  What... my selfie at Mount Rushmore only got 3 likes? How uncool. Stupid Mount Rushmore! Better up my selfie game. What if I just pet this bear cub...

Your next bargain Vegas hit

I love Vegas. It's a cheap, quick getaway to somewhere warm and exciting. And one of the very least expensive times of the year to go is between American Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I've been to Vegas so many times that I know what I like and don't like to compromise. What I want is:
  • direct flights with a trusted airline
  • 4 or 5 star hotel on the Strip
  • about $500 (or less) per person
So, matching my criteria, I present to you, Vegas December 8th to 11th. 

If you are less choosy about hotel, you can go even lower in price, without compromising your direct, Westjet flights from Winnipeg.

Book online at or call a local agent at (204) 571-4570

5 days, 5 star Mexico $823 or less

If you only have a week's holidays, pushing to cram 7 days of travel into it can leave you exhausted. You go back to work wondering if you even HAD a break?

That's why the '5 day vacay', is a good thing.  If you time it right, you can have a relaxing day at home, unpack, print your photos and THEN go back to work feeling rested and settled.

The '5 day vacay' is also another way to get more travel in, when you have a limited budget.

Each of these examples, available now, from is priced at $832 or less, for a 5 star, all-inclusive vacation.  Hotel, air, taxes included!  The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya is only $713 per person!  It's very well rated on Trip Advisor.

Variety of dates and bargains available. Prices subject to change.

To speak with a local agent, phone Sheri Kines at 204-571-4570 or

Screenshot October 2nd. 8pm

Friday, October 2, 2015

Bet on World Series Baseball?

A few weeks ago I wrote of an amazing price to Los Angeles, California this fall.

Well, some of those bargain prices are still hanging around.  Currently, $337 includes taxes, return flight from Winnipeg airport. (Screenshot from October 2nd)

This is an amazing week to go if you are a baseball fan. If the LA Dodgers win the National League, their World Series home games would take place October 30-November 1st.  (click to see the whole post season schedule.)

Now, if you're a Blue Jay's fan, wouldn't it be AMAZING to see a Dodgers/Jays World Series?

But you also like hockey too? Well, the Staples Center is just down the road from Dodger's stadium. Perhaps you'd like to take in a Kings' game as well?  They host the Nashville Predators on Saturday Night, Oct 31st.

You can pair the flight with a hotel through and save a few dollars there, booking together. Or, you might like to use Hotwire and book a hotel in the area using their blind purchase system.

Tickets to the baseball games will be pricy. But wouldn't this once-in-a-lifetime California trip be one to remember?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The most romantic Canadian getaway

In my humble opinion, the most romantic Canadian getaway weekend would be to Quebec City, and the Fairmont Hotel, le Chateau Frontenac.

The most romantic weekend of the year, Valentine's Day.

So when I saw Air Canada's latest getaway sale, with booking dates through to April, I took a look. Sure enough, flights are at an amazing price too.

Book the hotel early (like now) and use your CAA discount and a room is yours for about $200 per night. (To stay in a castle!!!)

This is one of those situations where it pays to book ahead. To book this getaway in January or February will cost you double. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Like Cinderella's carriage....

At midnight, the bargain London fares turned into pumpkins.

Both Air Canada and Westjet adjusted their fares after midnight on September 16th/17th.

Will you book London at this regular fare price?

Or will you look at it again only if another seat sale drops the price below $700?

Westjet screenshot 1:15am

Seat sizes and other airplane stuff

I wanted to find a specific answer to a question: which airline offers more legroom on these Winnipeg to London flights?  And what I found out was a real eye opener.

Let's start with the answer. I had help from the site, They have everything an aviation nerd might want to know.

From the Air Canada Rouge web site.


Then, searched for Westjet's planes, but the 767 was not listed. Ok, right, they are brand new to the fleet and probably not on this comparison site yet. 

So I looked up a Boeing 767 on Delta Airlines. They noted 262 seats, which sounds like the Westjet plane. So I took a screenshot. I remember Westjet saying that there would be 38" in the Plus seats, so I feel like I probably have the right plane. 

So, according to these charts, the Westjet plane should have the space advantage by 1 inch, in both economy and plus seating. 

But to make sure I had the right plane, I Googled "Westjet new 767 plane." And that's when I learnt that while it is a new route, and the plane is a new acquisition to the fleet, the actual planes (4) are NOT new. 

Westjet has purchased the planes from Qantas Airlines which has retired them after decades of service. 

Here, is a news article celebrating the plane's retirement. Yes. Qantas made a pretty big deal out of it. 

An excerpt from the article.

Here's a link to the Westjet blog and their announcing of the plane acquisitions.

Aside, during this little research stint, I found that there is an airline called "Vanilla Air." And another airline called SpiceJet. Perhaps airlines founded in the 1990s?