Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fall Air Miles Sale

This seems to be on-line a couple days early this week. With the sale, and gold status considered, you can nab a whole bunch of (domestic) flights for around 1200 miles.

Travel September & October.  If you're thinking of a little trip, this would be the perfect time to book, while seat & flight selection are at their best.   Weekly travel specials on Air Miles.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Air Miles Changes

As of today, it will cost you more Air Miles points to buy a flight, buy you will pay less cash for the taxes and fees.

For example, it used to cost 1750 Air Miles PLUS about $220 in cash to buy a return flight from YWG to YOW. After July 17th, it will cost 2000 Air Miles plus about $100 in cash.

I think it's a good change. Will wait to see how it affects their weekly discounts and sales.

The other new addition to the program is the "Onyx" collector status. If you get 1000 Air Miles a year, you qualify for gold. Now, if you collect 6000 Air Miles per year, you receive Onyx status. Click here to read about the Gold and Onyx incentives.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

See a pattern? Let's look...

Just for a lark, I decided to go back to my posts from a year ago. Then I did the same search today and was fairly impressed by the data.

In 2013, you could go the last week of summer, as a family of 4 to the Westin Kierland (amazing resort) in Phoenix, for $205.53 per person.

In 2014, the same vacation will cost you $250.19 but includes an extra night!

This is Allegiant Air out of Minot, ND.

I will be interested to try this comparison with other destinations, now that I've been writing this blog for 18 months.  Perhaps we'll be able to predict and nab some awesome bargains together?

September Sizzles for Travel Bargains!

Retired? Free to travel in September? Then you have hit the travel bargain jackpot! When school returns to session, the crowd thins and the prices, and temperatures drop accordingly.  If you see something you like, book as soon as you are able. Prices constantly fluctuate. Though, in September, you typically can grab a deal as late as 5-7 days before departure.

Here are two gems that are NOT in hurricane alley that might get your travel toes a twitchin'!

I'd love to travel in September! Does it show?

Edmonton or Honolulu?

Today's bargains, from Winnipeg, include flights to Edmonton ($338) and to Honolulu ($578).
Both bargains have dates left this summer, as well as into September.

My rule of thumb is any return flight (taxes in) in Canada, under $400 is a bargain. This, at $338 certainly qualifies! These prices can be found at and for a wide variety of date combinations. Typically, will follow suit and drop their prices for a short period of time.

The sample dates for Air Canada I found are August 6th to 9th.

The Honolulu bargain is flight only and through United Airlines.  But it's easy to pick up a hotel room at a bargain this time of year.

Lastly, I see YWG to NAS (that's the Bahamas) for $485 on Delta Airlines. Of course, this is hurricane season in the Caribbean, so you probably ought to buy insurance if you need to change your dates.

That's about all I see right now that I like! Happy hunting!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini Amazing Race for Your Kids

With summer upon us, you might be looking for inspiration and some fresh entertainment for your kids. What if you made them their own, personal, "Amazing Race"?

Here's how I see this going....

1) Next Tuesday night, watch Canada's Amazing Race on CTV. Talk about how much fun that would be. The next day, reveal your surprise!

2) Get each of your children to invite a friend to "race" with. Pick your day to hold the race. (The sooner the better!)

3) Prepare 3 sets of checkpoint envelopes with instructions for each team. Plan 3 events and pick a location, like a community park.

4) Activity number one might be to solve a riddle or puzzle which would lead them to a new location at the park. Perhaps learn a fact from the park/point of interest plaque and recite it to the judge.

Another activity might be an egg race, or a three-legged race or a 50 times ball catch event. (Make certain it includes both partners working together.)   Your third event could be another physical challenge suitable to the park or it could be a gathering challenge where they find items.

5) Of course there should be a little prize for each team. Perhaps something like a trip to the ice cream store for a treat or a dollar store loot bag.

This activity is sure to provide an afternoon of laughs and fun. It can be no-budget or with a few dollars, you could pick up beach balls or bubble blowers or similar props at the dollar store to use in your events.

If you want to extend the challenge to a weekly event or make a bigger race out of it, get plain t-shirts from the craft store and have each team decorate their shirts/pick a team name etc. You could really make an amazing summer memory and have a lot of healthy fun together doing it!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Add a dash of "City" to your summer

This week's travel specials include flights from Winnipeg, to New York City, Dallas, Tampa, and Myrtle Beach. Fares are discounted by 30% if you are a Gold Air Miles collector.

Flights are and are offered at a discounted rate from now through August 15th.

Here's just one sample of flights available. It's a sweet deal that for 2065 Airmiles and just over $215 in cash will get you a return flight to an exciting cosmopolitan city.

Hotel bookings are additional.