Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Win a trip from Lay's Canada

Here's one more Twitter contest with a travel prize!  You can post a photo daily, but you must be over 18 to enter.  #LaysLovesSummer

I'd sure love to win the trip to Italy!

Win a trip to London

No purchase necessary. For Canadian residents. Enter with your Twitter account.

Link to the Contest details

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cheaper than a stay-cation!

Broke? Tied to work? Even if you can't go anywhere, with a little imagination, you can make your own home feel like a fancy hotel. Delight the kids or dazzle your next house guests.

This can work for your cabin, your first apartment and even your RV.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your imagination, stay-cation a 5 star delight for $25 or less!

1) Afternoon tea like the Fairmont. Use the good china or picnic plates, it won't matter.... just invite your guests to join you at 3pm. Cut your sandwiches into triangles. Have veggies and dip. Put Pot of Gold chocolates or brownies on dessert plates. Place a candle on the table.  And of course, drink tea!  But give it a fancy name. "Would you like some raspberry marigold catillion tea? Why yes!"  If you're serving iced tea, make sure to add fruit as garnish and little drink umbrellas.

2) Play some elevator music. Something instrumental. It makes everything seem fancy!  Or play steel drums or Caribbean tunes if you've got an island theme.

3) Buy some sample sizes in shampoos and lotions.  New toothbrushes too. Set them out for your guests. You could even roll your towels and tie them with ribbons.

4) Post an activity schedule.  4pm badminton on the front lawn. 5pm movie trivia. 6pm cocktails on the deck. 9pm storytime by the fire.

5) Serve room service on a tray. Add a single flower from your garden, in a bud vase to emulate the elegance of a Westin hotel.


Your Dollar Store Shopping List: 
Napkins & matching plates
Note cards or invitations 
Bud vase
Serving tray
Tiny cups or ramekins

Grocery Store: 
Colourful veggies

Shoppers Drug Mart/Superstore/The Body Shop:
Sample size shampoo, lotion. 

What's your path? Your perfect trip?

Are you a trail blazer? 

A patio princess? 

A cafe Cathie? 

A super sports fan?

A water baby? 

You can be them all! Travel is an amazing gift to give yourself.  Find you inner strength, your curiosity and sense of fulfillment.  Choose your own ADVENTURE!

If you are waiting for someone else to give you permission to live your life....here it is. 
You are worthy. You are wonderful and you are CAPABLE. You got this! Now go for it. 

Fast 5 Travel Tips: Pack like a mom

I travel light. I've even taken my family to Hawaii for 8 days without ever checking a bag. And you'll never find me on a suitcase shaming site trying to shove an oversized bag into the overhead bin.

While I don't know everything, and I'll never claim to,  I can sure help the travel newbie.

5 things to pack for EVERY trip:

1. Basic family first aid kit. Make sure to bring any medication you need. Make sure everything is in its original packaging and properly labeled.

2. Snacks. Even if you are travelling to an all inclusive resort, I always make sure to pack granola bars, almonds and trail mix for the flight, the airport delays and the 'hunger crankies' that plague kids on the sometimes exhausting travel days.  The M & M's are for me.  I could never pay $3 at the airport kiosk for my fix!  Snacks can take up very little room. This is one Ziploc sandwich bag.

3.  Distractions.  Batteries die and even kids get bored with their video games. So I always pack a deck of cards (think Go Fish or War) and a tactile puzzle. (See the little wire puzzle.) You can pick up one of these mind bender puzzles at any toy store for about $9. They are deceptively simple and sometimes frustrating, both are awesome qualities and challenge you and the kids in ways you will enjoy. Road trips or airport lounges, these wire puzzles get passed around and around. Everyone loves them and asks me where to get them or even if they can buy it from me. Hours of old school fun!

4. Pack something that makes you feel fashionable and fun. It's YOUR vacation too. And don't forget the hat and sunscreen. You need to model good sun habits for your kids. 

5. Pack a camera. Any camera! And have it with you at all times. Some of the impromptu experiences and sudden joys will be what makes the trip most memorable.  And please print photos when you get home. At least a few! Because we have all heard the stories of broken phones, lost cameras and stolen memories. Don't lose yours. 

I love scenes and signs. Brings back great vacation memories! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fast 5 Travel Tips: How to find the YBR bargain

YBR is a small, and relatively new airport in Brandon Manitoba. It has daily service from Westjet Airlines to their hub in Calgary, Alberta.

So far, YBR is not recognized by the major search engines or travel sites, thus making it a challenge to find the best dates to fly. However, using these tips and tricks you'll be poised to find the best deals.

1. Be flexible. If your leisure travel can be tailored to suit the best bargains, you'll save more money and travel for less.

2. Using your favourite APP, like 'Air Fare Watchdog', 'Kayak' or 'On The Fly' set your searches for YYC (Calgary) airport.  When you find the cheapest dates to fly to your destination, from Calgary, THEN go the Westjet flight booking page and look up the price starting in YBR.

3. When there are advertised Westjet sales even from other departure cities, make a point of looking up your favourite destinations. They might be on sale from YBR even though they are not advertised.

4. Book 6-8 weeks before your desired flight. Historically, this is when the best prices are offered.

5. Now that a second daily flight has been added, (After January 15th, 2016) you should look to book trips for January to March, as soon as possible, while supply still exceeds demand.

** Do note that holiday times (like Christmas and Easter) are extremely busy travel times. You are not likely to find a bargain during these high times. It's best to book early and commit as soon as you can.

And of course... the best tip of all:  Subscribe to this blog and hear about deals departing from Manitoba cities!

July 24 Bahamas Sale

Air Canada has answered Westjet's Blue Tag special with their own one day deal. Good prices on select dates on flights to Nassau (Bahamas) or Grand Cayman. Travel prices on sale until midnight on the 24th only.

It's not an exceptional deal. It's a nice deal, nearing the end of hurricane season.  Your call.